Easiest Knitted Baby Socks

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Yarn: 3 ply baby or sock yarn
Needles: set of 4 or 5 double pointed size 1 (2.50 mm)

8 sts & 10 rows = 1″

Cast on 36 sts and join in round
Work 8 rounds K1, P1 rib
Knit 20 rounds

Heel flap:
K18, turn, P18, turn
Work another 10 rows in stockinette

Turn heel:
Turn Heel:
K11, SKPO, turn
P6, P2tog, turn
K6, SKPO, turn
Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you work across all heel sts and have 7 left.
Pick up 9 st along edge of heel flap

K 18 across instep, pick up 10 along other edge of heel flap then K the 7
heel sts. = 44 sts.

K 1 round
Next round: K6, K2tog, K20, K2tog tbl, K14
K 1 round
Next round: K5, K2tog, K20, K2tog tbl, K13
K 1 round
Next round: K4, K2tog, K20, K2tog tbl, K12
K 1 round
Next round: K3, K2tog, K20, K2tog tbl, K11 –> 36 sts
K 8 rounds

Toe: K2tog, K7, repeat around –> 32 sts
K 1 round
K2tog, K6, repeat around –> 28 sts
K 1 round
Continue decreasing in this manner until 8 sts remain. Cut yarn and thread through stitches. Pull up tight and fasten off.

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Anahtar Kelimeler

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  1. Hayden Robertson

    plain old cotton socks are still the best for babies.”;.

  2. Eli Ally

    cotton baby socks are the best, i don’t like to put nylon socks over my baby feet::,

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