hand knitted mini-skirt patterns

by admin ~ December 12th, 2008. Filed under: Knitting Patterns.

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Anahtar Kelimeler

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  1. chicky rauch

    hello, I’m trying to find the instructions for the beautiful brown skirt with all the lacy motifs and don’t know how/where to go for it. Please help. thank you. Chicky rauch

  2. isabelle rauch

    good morning. I am trying to find the dirrections and the sizing for the brown? mini skirt that is shown. Is it knitting or crochet. Thank you. Chicky

  3. Julie

    Where is the pattern ? Is the graph supposed to be the pattern , if so , what stitch does each symbol stand for ?
    I love this skirt , I’d love to knit it , if I could get the pattern , does anyone know where to find it ?

  4. Teri

    Both skirt patterns are crocheted not knitted. The symbols are the same used in Japanese crochet patterns. Just Google “Japanese crochet symbols” and you’ll find lots of good references for decoding these crochet symbols.

  5. Libbie

    Eek i love this. Wheres the pattern??

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