How to Knit Women’s Shawl Pattern free

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Women's Shawl Pattern

Women’s Shawl Pattern

How to knit women’s shawl

  • Cast on 140 stitches from the top part. Work as knit stitch.
  • Decrease 23 x 3 stitches at both ends on every front row. On the next row, finish by binding off the remaining 2 stitches.
  • Cast on 25 stitches for side borders. Apply the diagram no. 4.
  • When knit length is 65 cm, finish by decreasing 25 x 1 stitches at one end on every row.
  • Make 1 more piece in the same way and sew them around shawl’s edges as shown in the sketch.

Source : / Yarn : Nako Rekor 257

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